Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wild Willy’s News

We stopped by Wild Willy’s Burgers on West Boylston Street in Worcester again. Chuck had a hankering for one of their delicious burgers and who am I to stand in the way of his happiness? The good news is that the food continues to be very tasty and the chaotic crush of customers has finally calmed down. It is now possible to get a parking place in the lot without idling for ten minutes! But the really good news is that they are now open on Sundays. That’s right. Seven days a week you can swing by for a burger and a root beer or even more refreshing: an orange spritzer with wedges of orange and lemon in the bubbly goodness. It reminded us of Worcester’s own Polar Orange Dry Soda, only fresher and citrusier.

For more details on our previous visits to this totally casual, local establishment with very good service look here and here. Then jump in the car and drive to Wild Willy’s!


Claudia Snell said...

OH! that is very good news indeed!! happiness fills the land of Worcester!

purpleronnie said...

I so wish I could try this place - after having three blog posts dedicated to it, it must be good! Maybe one day...

Pink Granite said...

Hi Ronnie -
It is good and it's local, run by local folks!
If only Blogger would let us upload food! Just little appetizer sized bites couldn't take up that much space on their servers!!!
- Lee

Hi Claudia -
You made us laugh out loud! Yes, happiness does fill the land of Worcester - and beyond!
- Lee