Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heat Wave

It was 94 degrees F (34C) in the shade today. Plus it was humid. Longtime readers know that neither Chuck nor I was happy about it. Despite the heat, Chuck spent some time getting the new rockers assembled. They are sturdy and comfortable! Yay L.L. Bean! And, most especially, yay Chuck!

Just before we moved into this house, we bought a big wooden rocker for our porch. We bought one because one was what we could afford at the time. We planned to go back and get the second one, but there was always a bigger priority. This spring I decided to try to find the old rocker’s twin but, alas, it was no longer in production. That’s what prompted the great rocker search of 2010, which led to our trip up to Freeport yesterday. The full rocking motion on the old wooden rocker is still superior, but we were both happy to report that the new rockers are more enjoyable to sit in.

Late this afternoon we sat on the porch in our new rockers and rocked - very, very slowly! One of our cats was curled up on the seat of the old rocker. She was the only one enjoying the heat. But we were all content.


Granite Countertops Calgary said...

Pink Granite always looks good..

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Well at least someone is enjoying the heat. Ping has taken to sitting ON TOP of the heater vent when it comes on in the evenings, her fur gets very, very warm indeed.

GAIL said...

pictures please, of you, but more importantly, the cat curled up.


Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Enjoyment of the heat seems to be strictly a cat thing!
Do send a few cool breezes northward please...
- Lee

Hi Gail -
As we rocked, ever so slowly, on the porch I thought "Oh, I must get a photo of Eartha curled up so peacefully."
Then I thought "Dear God, it would require me to move in this freakin' heat!"
But after heavy storms last night, it is cooler today. So I should have photos of the chairs and (hopefully) a cat by tomorrow!
- Lee

Sue said...

Photos please! I can just imagine the two of you enjoying your beautiful view together. And stop bragging about the weather. We have a maximum of 15 today, I'm FROZEN!!!