Thursday, May 13, 2010

“Nazi Tourette’s”

Comedian Lewis Black is spang on as he describes Glenn Beck on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. (Thanks to Countdown with Keith Olbermann.)

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Back in Black - Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourette's
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Problem with the video? Here’s the link to watch it on The Daily Show’s website.


Sue said...

Bugger, bugger, bugger - I don't have sound on my PC...

dancingmorganmouse said...


GAIL said...

too funny!!!!

Irene said...

Gotta love Lewis Black!

Papamoka said...

That was classic Black!!! Loved it. Thanks Lee :)

Pink Granite said...

Oh Sue that is a bummer!
Lewis Black used video clips of the rightwingnutjob Glenn Beck, to point out the absolute absurdity of how Beck sees Nazis around every corner. Beck practically uses the word Nazis as if it were punctuation. Hence, Black coined the tern "Nazi Tourette's".

So glad the rest of you were able to view it and shared my reaction!
- Lee