Friday, May 14, 2010

The “Cottage”

It wouldn’t have to be this big. And it certainly wouldn’t need to be this modern. But a little place, on the ocean, up on Mount Desert Island in Maine, well, that would be nice. Except for that whole pesky financial thing of course!


GAIL said...

holy moly!!

dancingmorganmouse said...

Pish, just win the lottery, that's what we are planning to do :)

Papamoka said...

The Cottage, isn't that what the Vanderbilt's called their little shack down in Newport?

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
You can see this "cottage" from Schooner Head off of Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park. So really, do we want all those tourists snapping photos of the house and posting them on their blogs?
- Lee

Roo said...

That is a god awful looking building - don't you have building regs over there? You'd never get away with such a monster in a beauty spot over here, they'd be uproar.

On the upshot, you could ALL of us up when we come over to visit ;o)