Saturday, May 22, 2010

Memory Lane

Chuck and I were down in Rhode Island yesterday with my Mom. It was an unusually long afternoon with lots of errands, so we didn’t get out of her hair until early evening. On the way home we stopped for a bite to eat at Newport Creamery. I grew up with Newport Creamery so for me it is all tied up with happy childhood and teenage memories. My favorite location was the one in East Greenwich, next to Thorpe’s Pharmacy, in the same plaza with Almacs. I may have gone to Friendly’s restaurants over the years (Newport Creamery’s primary regional competitor), but my heart belonged to Newport Creamery. Unfortunately, after the founding family sold the business, the corporation went through some dire times (including bankruptcy and auction) and nearly disappeared.

We discovered this Newport Creamery, on Atwood Avenue in Johnston, several weeks ago. The moment I saw the sign, I had absolutely no choice but to pull in and get a coffee (what else?) ice cream cone. It tasted exactly the same as I remembered: heavenly! But we hadn’t eaten a meal in a Newport Creamery since the one in Worcester closed many years ago. Last night was a treat. We found that they still serve a hamburger “The Newport Creamery Way”: on buttery grilled bread with melted cheese; lettuce and tomato on the side. I ordered mine well done; Chuck’s medium. They were done correctly. They still serve their amazing Sweet Red Pepper Relish which puts the whole homestyle-comfort-food-burger-cheese-melt right over the top. Amazingly, we resisted ice cream, a cabinet (which, heretically, they are now calling a frappe!) or an “Awful-Awful”. The joint was jumpin’ and noisy with kids. But the service was great (Thanks Taylor!). Coincidentally, this Newport Creamery is housed in a former Friendly’s. Maybe “coincidentally” is the wrong word. Perhaps I should have used “justifiably”! Either way, we’ll be back.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

I love it when you go back and a place hasn't changed. So often they have and not it a good way. So Yay for you!

GAIL said...

I loved their grilled cheese burgers and the fries were always yummy!!!

Roo said...

Oh stop - all this talk of food is making me hungry, and I shouldn't be hungry at 1 minute past 11 at night ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Exactly! You and I do not enjoy wonderful things which someone elese decides to make "new & improved"!

Hi Gail -
They truly tasted the same as I remembered them! And they came with fries - we chose "seasoned". They were very tasty AND they didn't dump an obscene amount of them on the plate! Win win!

Hi Roo -
Sorry, but turnabout is fair play! You have me drooling over your weekend repasts on a regular basis!
Blogger really needs a Star Trek transporter upload thingamajig feature for us to zip tastes of food across the ether!
- Lee

Sue said...

How lovely to have found an "old haunt" again. So wonderful when people go out of their way to keep things as they should be. I love ice-cream and we regularly visit an ice-cream parlour, which has changed hands many times and has ALWAYS stuck to the same recipe.

I'm also pretty sure that your mom enjoyed having you around a little longer...

Sue X

PS. Roo, I'm with you on the starving side of things. It's 11:28 here and I NEED lunch!

Roo said...

I've read all the comments, and I'm hungry again! it's 22.54! AND I've just made my lunch for tomorrow!

I must get around to talking about ice cream as a kid.... another time maybe!