Friday, May 28, 2010

As Promised

May I present the L.L. Bean rockers, after assembly by (the smiling) Chuck. We can’t decide which way we like them best: with or without the striped cushions. But the photos give you a feel for them both ways.

As for Eartha curling up again on the old wooden rocking chair (or any rocking chair for that matter) she was having none of it. We tried placing her on the seat repeatedly, but she would just jump down, shaking her head at the odd things humans do. But she was ready for her close-up.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cats, they never pose when you've got a camera in you hands. She's beautiful.
I say with padding, so you can sit & rock for longer :)

GAIL said...

Oh, Lee, she is gorgeous!!!!

The chairs look great and I like them with a cushion.

Chuck comes in a close third.

Tracy Novick said...

I think they look nicer without, but I'll bet they're more comfortable with.
I hope you kept the old rocker for the cat?

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM (or MBM!) -
Cassie is occasionally cooperative - but not so much that she is at risk of losing her cat license!

One vote for cushions...

Hi Gail -
You can see how Eartha was so compelling when she adopted us!
BTW, Chuck appreciates not having come in any farther down the list than third!

One more for cushions...

Hi Tracy -
Oh we still have the old rocker - for cat or human enjoyment!

One vote for without cushions...

We've found that the rockers are very, very comfortable without the cushions. But we love the stripey, cheerful, summery look of them. Because they are well made and generously padded, we tend to sit a bit high in the chair on them. Not sure if after a bit they will ease and settle down some. For now, we'll use them with or without as the spirit moves us!
Thanks all!
- Lee

Wendy said...

firstly. your cat is absolutely gorgeos. I will be showing her picture to lily who asks me every day for a cat.
the rockers are stunning and I likethem either way but the padding looks comfy and I like stripes
enjoy your rocking
Chuck looks delighted

Pink Granite said...

Hi Wendy -
Chuck was/is delighted and we found the stripes so cheery and inviting, we just couldn't resist.
Hope Lily gets a kick out of Eartha's photo. Any chance she might have her cat wish come true?
- Lee