Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Simple Idea

Brett Westcott and Cameron Brown, from Purdue University are “The Compliment Guys”. They spend each Wednesday afternoon giving out compliments and words of encouragement to passersby on the Indiana campus. It’s not a gimmick nor a marketing ploy nor a proselytizing technique. It’s just a series of not so random acts of kindness by a couple of outgoing college guys with their hearts in the right place. You can read Brett’s essay here and watch a brief video here of the Brett and Cameron in action.

So, how shall we keep this moving in the universe? A kind word, a compliment or a cheerful good wish given to folks we come in contact with throughout the day? Sounds good to me!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post!


Sue said...

Again, I deserve to be punished for not having stopped by here in so long. I'm going to catch up on all my reading today and hopefully find time to update my own blog too.

What a brilliant idea. I always believe that a little bit of 'nice' goes a long way. Even if it's just being extra nice to the teller in the bank, or the cashier in the supermarket. I love this though - what a way to boost someone who's having a tough day!

dancingmorganmouse said...

A chap I used to work with would come in every morning and greet me with a compliment, it was wild and exagerated and I always returned it, It was a lovely way to start the,iari day.

Wendy said...

what a wonderful idea. if only more people would think in this way. I may try it a few times at work tomorrow, may make the day less dragging for me as well