Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I’m lucky to have regular readers from all over the world, so in order not to be cruel to them, I’ll try to keep this brief. It won’t be easy! Tonight Chuck and I finally had a pizza from The Corner Grille at 806 Pleasant Street in Worcester. (Music plays when you click the link.) It was unlike any pizza I have ever had. But it reminded Chuck of the essence of pizza from a place his family went to in greater St. Louis, Missouri. The Corner Grille is in a bijou storefront replete with twin bow windows, a touch of stained glass and tin ceilings. Large chalkboards display the creative, yet simple menu. The whole place is charming without tipping over into kitschy.

Decor and atmosphere aside, the pizza was fabulous. Despite the mouthwatering list of unusual pizzas, we chose to build our own. We thought by ordering something close to our “usual” pizza we would best be able to compare and contrast. We ordered sliced tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms and sausage. The pizza arrived square and paper thin - literally, not figuratively. I held a piece up to the light and could see the toppings through it! There was a narrow, delicate char around the edges and the toppings were scattered equally, yet lightly around the surface. In an era where chain restaurants are competing for business based on how many pounds their servings weigh, the Corner Grille shows restraint. They have found the perfect intersection where taste meets “less is more” and something spectacular is achieved. Each bite had us savoring the flavors, especially the frequent micro-bursts of basil. I don’t know if it is prominent in the red sauce or tossed on under the cheese, but it adds a wonderfully fresh note.

The Corner Grille also serves a wide variety of interesting salads, soups, sandwich wraps and baked sweet treats. We may be eleven years late to the party, but we won’t be strangers now!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Even in my nauseous state that sounds delish! My mouth is watering!

Maybe when my kids are old enough we'll save up for a family trip to the States and you can take us to some of those amazing places ;o)

Ron x

dancingmorganmouse said...

No need to keep a pizza post. Tonight, Pizza Wednesday, we are having smoked chicken, rocket, onion marmalade & cheese (of course).
I LOVE a good pizza.

dancingmorganmouse said...

That would be no need to keep a pizza post SHORT! ;)

Nana Fi said...

Well that is my mind made up, we are going out for Pizza tonight now thanks to you!!!! My son works for a wonderful Italian restaurant called Primi Piatti, and their Pizza's are also wonderfully thin with lots of delicious toppings....yum yum. Fiona x

Roo said...

Good - there is food cooking downstairs and now my mouth is watering, I may have to go in case I blow up the keyboard!

Anonymous said...

is 7am too early for pizza? I'm starving now...Carrie

Pink Granite said...

Hi Ronnie -
I hadn't thought about how even reading blog posts about food could be risky for you! Glad this one struck your fancy.
As for the trip - it sounds like a plan!

Hi DMM -
Happy to hear there are no worries from Australia. Of course now your pizza description has set off my own cravings!

Hi Fiona -
Primi Piatti sounds like the perfect local South African solution to a craving triggered by a Worcester pizza parlor. And it's always good to dine where you are on a first name basis with the folks who work there!

Hi Roo -
Hope all your electronic equipment survived the description of the Corner Grille's pizza!

Hi Carrie -
Pizza is good 24/7! You'll have to order a pie from Pier Pizza and swing up to Greenwood on your way home. If you do, print out one of their coupons first:
- Lee

Sue said...

I can actually taste that pizza right now!! And you're SO lucky that I'm actually having pizza for dinner tonight, or I might just have had to ask you to mail me some. Sounds divine. I love extra, uber-thin pizzas... hmmm....