Monday, July 27, 2009

Dream Travel

If you had an unlimited budget and a miraculously zero impact carbon footprint, where would you go? O.K. and you can teleport a la Star Trek so there’s no annoying airplane travel nor miserable jet lag. It’s sort of the travel equivalent of a Genie in a bottle with a fistful of wishes.

Me? I have to go first? Is there a limit on the number of locations? Oh, right. I’m making up the rules as I go along!

O.K. First, I’d go back to Bermuda. Chuck and I went there on our honeymoon and it was lovely. Unfortunately, our cottage colony no longer exists, but there are lots of other great options.

Next, Paris, France. Ironically what makes me want to visit are all the episodes of House Hunters International where folks are searching the various arrondissements for the perfect Parisian flat. I hear the food’s pretty good too!

Next stop, Iceland. Specifically I want to visit their hot springs. We enjoyed the hot springs in Banff, Alberta, Canada and the ones in Iceland look spectacular. Actually, thinking about Banff, I’d definitely go back to the Post Hotel at Lake Louise. It was delightfully decadent, yet down to earth. And we’d stop for a pie at Aardvark Pizza in Banff first!

O.K., now closer to home: Washington, D.C. I haven’t been since I was a kid and I’d do the whole touristy tour of every monument, museum and landmark I could find. It would take a long time but it would be so worth it. By the way, I’m probably teleporting home every day or two so I can sleep in my own bed, ‘cuz I’m kind of a lousy traveler!

I’ll stop there - for now!

Where would you head off to in this ideal travel scenario?


Anonymous said...

OK, you know how I feel about Bermuda but holy cow, that place is to die for, where do I sign up???

I think Italy would be my first choice, I would eat my way across the country.


Kate said...

I get to knock one off my list this weekend: the Amazon!! OMG!! Then I would take Australia/New Zealand, Italy, Hawaii, African Safari, Paris.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Gail -
Well, (sadly for us) Lantana is history so maybe that makes Bermuda fair game again for you! We first saw 9 Beaches on WCVB's Chronicle and couldn't believe how unique it was. Looking at their website the place has only gotten better!

Italy sounds wonderful as well!
- Lee

Hi Kate -
You globe trotter you!
We still can't get over how fabulous your upcoming trip will be!
We'd sign up for all the places on your list - especially if my magical no airplane travel/no jet lag rules apply!
- A.L.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So many.. Besides always wishing that I could be a traveller of my own beautiful country and the rest of Africa, I would definitely agree with Gail above and say Italy first.. then all of Europe actually.. all of it! I would love to go to Asia and South America. But here's one I never thought I would say: America. After reading your blog for a long time and currently watchng an amazing BBC documentary (Stephen Fry in America), I have come to view the country in a whole different light. The media portrays certain places in a very specific way - making one think of places like America in a very narrowly defined way. What I have come to see is a vast and beautiful country with spectacular landscapes and so much history. A passionate, friendly and patriotic people - it's most definitely on my dream list!!!
Ronnie x

Anonymous said...

ps. I would highly recommend the doccie even to Americans - one sees a totally different side of the country. He goes into coal mines, works in a Ben and Jerry's .. gets down to grass roots and in touch with the 'real people' and the little known places and facts one has never even read about... fascinating. And if you know Stephen Fry - fantastic actor and author - oh so very British.. but he is so humble and willing to embrace the American way.. rather than ridicule it which is sadly what often tends to happen.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Ronnie -
I'm delighted you've added the USA to your travel dream list! Somedays I imagine planning a trip around the world to visit all my blog friends and that of course includes South Africa!

Thanks for the information and recommendation about "Stephen Fry in America". I haven't seen it here, but often our Public Broadcasting System (PBS) carries BBC programming. I'll also keep an eye out for it on BBC America.
- Lee

Sue said...

Oh, I'm such a travel junkie. I get highs off planning holidays and seeing new places, learning new things. This is just going to whet my appetite and leave me wanting what I can't have!! Here goes...

My first stop (I'll do 3 and all travel is with Jake) would definitely be Greece. Se-ri-ously, I love that place!! I'd retire there now, if I could afford it. Also, if someone told me to go live there for 6 months and write a book, I'd do it. For free. I love the culture, I adore the food (I dream about Greek food) and I love, love, LOVE the beaches...

I'd also love to visit the East. I had a trip to Thiland planned with a girlfriend that recently fell through, so I'd love to do that. I can just feel those little ladies walking up and down my back. I can taste the cocktails in the warm sunshine and I can feel the sand between my toes. Bit like Greece, except I've been to Greece.

There's also something in me that's always wanted to visit Hawaii. I don't know why, so I'd have to stop over there too.

And I've always, always wanted to visit Lapland in Alaska, except I'm not sure that I could deal with the cold. Still, I love Christmas and I think that it would be amazing to share it with Jake. I just need to get there now, while he still believes in the whole thing.

And what about Disney? The States? Australia? Madagascar? Kenya and the Serengeti (I've been there before - too incredible for words)? Well, I have a little travel fund set up that was my 10 year plan after Jacques died. It's always been for a trip to the states. We've got just 5 years left. Perhaps I can include a trip to one of these destinations at the same time. In my dreams... You got a spare bed?

When are we leaving??

Sue said...

PS. Kate - I'm off on holiday to the Kruger National Park in the North Eastern part of South Africa for 9 days in the bush and I can't wait. It's the best, most relaxing, holiday experience ever, I highly recommend it. A real switch-off, down time holiday. Africa rocks, seriously...