Saturday, July 25, 2009

My World

: : I’m tired of the humidity. This is a problem because I live in Southern New England where hazy, hot and humid are known as the “Three H’s”. If it has a nickname, you know it is as common as dirt.

: : When the weather gets like this we do run the small air conditioner in the bedroom. The lure of cool and dry air is so tantalizing that I will figure out a way to make almost any task, short of food preparation and washing clothes, portable enough to be moved to that blessed room.

: : Speaking of food preparation, pouches of cooked brown rice from Trader Joe’s are saving my life this summer. I have made many variations on my Quick & Easy Rice Salad. The last one I made I added chicken to it for a complete one dish meal - with very little heat needed from the stovetop or even the microwave.

: : I’m on very close terms with the two fans we have on tall stands (one upstairs, one downstairs). It could be that all the moisture in the air is causing my brain to get moldy, but I think I heard the downstairs fan humming “Me and My Shadow” today.

: : And if I get to the point where I feel downright downtrodden and beleaguered by the “Three H’s”, I take the laptop to - wait for it - the bedroom. I sit in front of the fan, which is front of the A.C. and watch the video of Jill and Kevin’s wedding processional. And for well more than five minutes and nine seconds I feel much, much better.


dancingmorganmouse said...

You have my sympathies, you know, sending some cool, wintery thoughts your way.

Peruby said...

At least your talking machine sounds like a song. My washing machine used to be in the kitchen in our small apartment and say "pizza, pizza, pizza". Yep, I'd get hungry.

Kate said...

I love this warm weather- better than the rain! Just not at night when we can't get our air conditioner to fit in the new windows that were installed!!