Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1.5 Million Euros

If I had 1.5 million Euros, then I would have $2,120,698.82 - give or take a penny or two. If I had that sort of BBMMTG (big bucks, more money than God) then I could purchase this sweet little seaside cottage. Now if I had unlimited resources - beyond BBMMTG, more like the deep pockets of a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffett - then I could purchase this cottage, which comes complete with its own ruin.

Why am I looking at cottages in Ireland, when I’ve never even been to Ireland? Well, one branch of my family left Clifden, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland more than a century ago. But several generations later, something still calls to me from that achingly beautiful corner of the world. And sometimes, a day with lots of frustrations causes me to daydream about running away. I guess in this case it would be running home. Back to an ancestral home which was hardscrabble and impoverished enough back then to drive my forebears to come over here. But on a day like today, from a drastically more comfortable vantage point, Connemara looks romantic and peaceful and tantalizingly free.


dancingmorganmouse said...

I would buy a castle keep in Scotland or Wales *sigh*. We could visit, we'd almost be neighbours!Of course, I'd also buy the house across the road.

Anonymous said...

If it has running water and an inside WC I will move with you. Either one looks like the perfect place to retire, what gorgeous views!!!

I guess Chuck can come with us. and all the kitties.

Ya know, it isn't really that farfetched, we could pool our resources. Heck, I moved to GA, what's a trip over the pond mean to an adventurer like me....?


Your "I can dream can't I sister?" Gail.

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Clearly I need to be dreaming bigger!

So in addition to the place in Connemara, I'll buy a place up in Scotland too - another branch of the family is from Glasgow. So something on the sea, but near enough to Glasgow would be nice.
We'll coordinate the home buying and the neighborliness!
- Lee
P.S. As long as we're thinking big - - - how do you feel about Bermuda? Just as a sunny, but not a beastly hot tropical get away...

Hi Gail -
The views were stunning, but I also liked the idea of beach access...

With BBMMTG I definitely want hot and cold running water and an indoor WC! Actually the Sand Piper place had just one bathroom, so we'll need to expand. And with all of us moving there we'll need more bedrooms for visitors!

You are an adventurer, but we still may need a modest lottery win to make all of this a reality!!!
- Lee

Anonymous said...

You think I'm kidding but every time I watch House Hunters International I think, "Maybe I should have been more daring and moved to a tropical Island?" In fact, it was one of those shows a few years ago where a single woman from, of all places, Atlanta GA, decided to move to some island and all her family and friends thought she was crazy. In a small way it gave me the courage to make my move and now there is no holding me back! If only everyone could move with me it would be perfect.


Seriously, keep me in mind.

Have I scared you yet?

Sue said...

I love that phrase "BBMMTG"...hahaha...

I totally understand your attraction to places from "your" past. It's part of who you are. My mom's dad grew up in Scotland and I've always been drawn to it. I've been there on holiday 3 times and I feel so at home when I'm there. I love the people, especially their accents and I love the scenery. I can always imagine myself living there, except it doesn't get enough sunshine for my liking!! But with BBMMTG, I'm sure you could pay for the sun to shine a bit more! Or just go on amazing holidays...

Happy browsing!