Friday, February 6, 2009


Trader Joe’s is my favorite grocery store. I know you already know that. What you may not know is that I didn’t like it the first few times I shopped there. Neither did Chuck. It was too small, too quirky, and yes, too cheery. Over time it really grew on us. No not like a fungus. It grew on us in a good way, a really good way. Even all those times when they discontinue items we love, we have almost reached the zen of knowing nothing is permanent and accepting the adventure which is T.J.’s - - - almost. But some of you live far, far away where there are no Trader Joe’s.

Excuse me. I’m a little choked up at that thought.

O.K. I’m good now.

As I was typing, some of you have never had the pleasure of experiencing a Trader Joe’s first hand. Well, I’ve found something that will give you a little glimpse into T.J.’s. It’s an “unauthorized commercial” a fan named Carl shot at a T.J.’s. It’s not a tour, it’s more of a paean set to the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Aquas de Marco” (“The Waters of March”). Enjoy!


dancingmorganmouse said...

Why don't they like people taking photographs?

Anonymous said...

wondering the same thing myself????


Pink Granite said...

Hi Morgan & Gail -
I've never noticed a "No Photography" sign in any of the Trader Joe's we go to - and we've been in a lot of T.J.'s, in multiple states! And there are other videos on the internet of folks in T.J.'s filming away, unimpeded. So I really don't have an answer for you.

The guy who made the video has a website which indicates he's out of San Francisco, California. I wonder if some of the California Trader Joe's stores have had a lot of unlicensed film making going on??? Just a thought...

Hope you enjoyed the video!
- Lee

Kate said...

The only thing I don't like about our new apartment is that it is not across the street from Trader Joe's anymore!

Now I have to go a town over for a TJ's (no not a whole town!) and they don't even sell wine and beer at tht one. Boooo. I know you guys have to travel farther (or is it further...grammar check...)to get to your TJ's, but I was spoiled for too long.

PS: luckily, there isn't an Ikea anywhere near me. Sorry- couldn't resist.-- Kate

Pink Granite said...

Hi Kate -
Spoiled? I wouldn't say that. You were just really fortunate for a long time!
Of course now you are even luckier than we are. Our nearest Trader Joe's is at least 45 minutes away if we make all the lights. And IKEA is an hour and 45 minutes away. You're closer to both a T.J.'s and IKEA! I'm green with envy!
- A. L.
P.S. Farther and further seem to be used interchangeably much of the time. One exception seems to be when one says "I'll need to do further research." But I sure as heck ain't no grammarian!

Sue said...

That looks fabulous!!! Now I wish we had Trader Joe's and Ikea... drat!!

barbie2be said...

that was awesome!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue & B2B -
I'm glad you got a kick out of the video!
Sorry to intensify your IKEA and now T,J.'s envy Sue!

Hey, BTW, my Mom just went to Trader Joe's by herself today. She liked it but found it a bit overwhelming. I told her that was normal and congratulated her on putting her toe in the water!
- Lee