Thursday, February 12, 2009

Please Excuse My Yawning

All’s well, except for my falling asleep on my feet.

Thank you for the good wishes about Cassie. She and I both appreciate it, although she does seem to be preening a wee bit more today! What have I wrought?

Please check out Sue’s amazing, multiple Six Degrees of Separation in the comments section of Tuesday’s “This & That” post below. I’m pretty sure she has single handedly tied the whole world up with a bow!

And for a chuckle, please read Papamoka’s own unique twist on Six Degrees in the comments section of Sunday’s original post.

Remember, as I stated in Sunday’s post: “a mutual blog association counts as one degree, even if we’ve never met in person”. So, via Barbie2Be we’re connected to Bing Crosby and George Clooney; and via my niece Kate we’re connected to Bono!

As is always true, Pink Granite Readers Rock!!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my own brand new - as of just today - Six Degrees connection.

Night all...

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