Monday, February 16, 2009

File 2008 Taxes Electronically - For Free!

Just as I’ve done in previous years, I helped a dear friend of ours with her taxes. Once again, I was able to help her file both her federal and state taxes on-line and to do it for free!

I began by going to the IRS page for e-filing. Once there, I followed the directions and clicked through to “Individual Taxpayers”. After reviewing the information, we again chose to file with the Turbo Tax Freedom Edition. I’ve had excellent experiences using this free service for our friend the last couple of years and this time was no exception. It has been improved and streamlined and her state continues to be one of the 21 linked directly with the Turbo Tax federal program.

These free filing options, available from the IRS through on-line tax preparers, have very specific age, income and filing status requirements. But if your tax situation is relatively straight forward, it’s definitely worth exploring. Filing tax forms is never fun, but this service makes it much easier.

Now I need to focus on our taxes and get them filed as well!


barbie2be said...

my landlord/roommate is a muckety muck for a large international accounting firm and his specialty is taxes so he always does mine for free. :)

Pink Granite said...

Hi B2B -
You're one lucky duck!
- Lee