Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I’ve always liked the television show “Law & Order”. I also like the ongoing spin offs: “Law & Order Special Victims Unit” and “Law & Order Criminal Intent”. The reality based version of the franchise “Law & Order Crime & Punishment” alternated between being riveting and squirm inducing. It lasted two seasons. I did enjoy the brief one season run of “Conviction”, but really disliked “Law & Order Trial By Jury”. I don’t know if it was because the actor Jerry Orbach was ill or if the casting in general was off or if the story lines never gelled. In any event, that series spinoff was also cancelled after only one season.

But, of the entire franchise, the long running, original “Law & Order” is still my favorite. It has had numerous cast changes over the years, yet still manages to hold true to its core pattern and interesting plots with the trademark Law & Order twists. We even get a kick out watching the reruns. Which, considering we can practically recite parts of the dialogue, speaks to just how well written the episodes are. During its nineteen season run there have been ten different detective combinations. I have my favorite detective partnership. Do you?

Take the survey below to choose your favorite Law & Order (original series) detective combination:

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barbie2be said...

i love me some law and order!

Anonymous said...

I watch at least one repeat episode a day, I can't get enough. If there is a Law and Order marathon, I am there.


dancingmorganmouse said...

Mr Brown & I are also Law&Order fans - and I had a tiny crush on Mike Logan, until he turned up on Sex and the City!

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
Nice to see how many Law & Order fans are out there! After a 19 year run, I knew we couldn't be alone!
Thanks for taking the survey! It was fun to put together!
- Lee
P.S. DMM - So you lost interest in Chris Noth when he turned into Mr. Big? How about when he reprised his roll as Mike Logan on L & O Criminal Intent?

Lailaa said...

Lovesit... It is one of a few series that A&I will stay in for (we are both great Lenny fans - loved his Lennyisms - and was sad that Jerry Orbach had to quit because of his health and eventual passing...). L&O Special Victims Unit and Criminal Intent are also our favs. Hugs, xx

dancingmorganmouse said...

Lee - I can only see him as Mr Big now, it's so disappointing :(

Pink Granite said...

Hi Lailaa -
Yes! We love the Lennie-isms as well! My niece Kate pointed out that he always had the perfect wisecrack just before they cut away to the opening theme song. Jerry Orbach was a versatile actor, singer and dancer, who perfectly inhabited the role of Lennie Briscoe. We miss him, but it's wonderful how his work lives on.
- Lee

Hi DMM -
While I haven't yet seen the movie, I came to like Mr. Big in the television series. So when Chris Noth joined Criminal Intent, I was happy to see him as Mike Logan again and sad to see him go.

We got a kick out of the very quirky, short lived TV series "Raines" which starred Jeff Goldblum. He will be replacing Chris Noth this season on L&O CI. Knowing L&O's track record, I'm sure they'll find a way for him to fit right in!
- Lee