Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This & That

Today was a much better day. There were no mysterious glue spills, no gremlins, no earthquakes, no full moon and no more disappointing hoaxes!

I worked on my third graphic arts project for a local non-profit. I’m strictly a volunteer and it has been satisfying because it’s nice to contribute to an organization doing good work. But the bonus has been how pleased they have been with my finished projects. Remarkably it has approached the happy dance level. Which in turn has left me doing an enthusiastic happy dance as well.

Two quick updates:
1. My Mom went to a Trader Joe’s all by herself for the first time today. She was a little overwhelmed but I think she’ll go back. Perhaps it would have been easier if she had that nice theme music by Antonio Carlos Jobim playing in her head!

2. The top vote getter in the Favorite Law & Order Partners survey was Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) & Mike Logan (Chris Noth) with 40% of the votes. My favorite was Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) & Ed Green (Jesse L. Martin), but I’ll happily watch any of the combinations. Thanks for voting!

One Question:
1. Doesn’t anybody else want to play Six Degrees of Separation? I thought for sure we would knit the whole world together in the comments section!


dancingmorganmouse said...

I'd love to play but couldn't think of a single person of interest I'm even remotely close too!

Anonymous said...

Did Mom actually buy anything at Trader Joes? Is it on Route 2?


Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
I thought you'd get to Prime Minister Rudd in no time or some sailing Olympian via Mr. Brown!
If you suddenly think of a connection, you know where to come...
- Lee

Hi Gail -
Mom said she bought three apples and two bananas! I asked her what they were offering as samples and she said she wasn't sure but she was worried it might be too spicy for her. Also, being a Rhode Islander, she found the repeated offers of assistance from the cheerful staff slightly disconcerting!

I'm pretty sure it's located on Route Two, past Walt's Roast Beef, but before you get to the Malls.

Have you been to the one near you lately?
- Lee

Kate said...

Ok- my cousin Adam (on dad's side) is a drummer in LA. He had his picture taken once with Bono of U2.

I am two degrees of separation from Bono. : )

Pink Granite said...

Hi Kate -
That puts me just three degrees of separation away from Bono!
Thanks for playing!
- A.L.

Roo said...

Lee - patience, patience ;o)

Sue said...

YES!! Sounds like fun... um, where do I begin?

1. A friend at school shook Nelson Mandela's hand in 1994. Then stood alongside him with her hand raised in the air and made some pledge (forgive me for forgetting, it was 15 years ago! Nelson Mandela is friends with the entire world (the Queen, American presidents, Operah, sports stars, music stars, etc), so I pretty much know everyone! By 3 degrees...

2. If that's not good enough, my friend, Jacki did a business deal with Nelson Mandela's daughter, so then I'm 3 away from him that way.

3. My mother, a hairdresser, used to do Mrs Verwoerd's hair. Her son, Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd (AKA HF Verwoerd) was the South African Prime Minister from 1958 - 1966, when, whilst sitting in the front row of the House of Assembly, he was gunned down. Unfortunately, he is known as the 'Architect of Apartheid' due to his role in the implimentation of Apartheid in South Africa (he referred to Apartheid as 'the policy of good neighbourliness'). So not really someone worth being associated to at all and I'd way rather be close to ol' Nelson!! Still, good or bad (and, to me, he's almost as bad as Hitler), he is a well known South African name. In our old history books, at least.

4. A guy I work with, Steve,'s brother, Alan, is the body guard for the Eagles. He's also friends with Robbie Williams...

5. My friend, Jason (he was best man at our wedding), used to play soccer with a guy called Bennie McCarthy. I watched the FA Cup finals with Bennie, who's now playing soccer for the English team, Blackburn Rovers. Since he plays against all major football sides, I know a lot of soccer greats!

6. Leonardo Di Caprio filmed part of Blood Diamond on Buitenverwachting, where we used to live. Leo chatted to Hermann, the winemaker at the farm, so that makes me 2 away from him!!

OK. Better stop. Can you believe I know Nelson so well?? Practically family!!

dancingmorganmouse said...

Lee, I did meet the former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, while he was still Prime Minister once, on my birthday in Ballarat. He was visiting my newspaper office. But no actual "link" as such. I also shared a lift with him, a year or so before, at old Parliament House.
Mr Brown does actually know Olympian sailors, but since I pay no attention, I couldn't actually name anyone - oops, bad wife!
My mum once had her bum pinched by Kerry Packer's brother Frank, does that count?

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
I hear it's a virtue.
I guess I'm not very virtuous!
But I'll try...
- Lee

Hi Sue -
I love the wide range of connections you have to folks -world leaders, sports & film! And it's quite fascinating to see the range of famous to infamous you can count your degrees of separation from.
Thanks so much for playing along!
- Lee

Hi DMM -
Yes! It all counts! I felt certain you'd link onto politics and sport. But the famous Packer (rather like a Trump here in the U.S.) connection came out of left field - as well it may have for your Mum! LOL!
Thanks for playing!
- Lee
P.S. Study up on those Olympians as it will likely please Mr. Brown!