Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Give ‘Em Hell Harry

Senator Harry Reid gave a powerful speech at tonight’s Democratic National Convention. Here are a couple of memorable excerpts:

"For the past eight years, the man in the Oval Office has tipped his hat over his eyes, kicked back his chair, and snoozed at his desk. Charged with protecting our national interests, he slept on duty while his vice president conspired with oil industry cronies. Tasked with cutting off funding to terrorists, he slept on duty while oil shortages worsened, oil prices soared, and dollars by the ton were delivered to terrorists’ banks in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. Faced with a new kind of war, this president and his vice president helped their friends the old-fashioned way:
through war profiteering, tax cuts for billionaires, and in many cases out-and-out corruption."


"When doctors screen out the quack nostrums and phony remedies we call snake oil, they use two fundamental principles: the maxim “first, do no harm” and the question “is it safe and effective?”
In Congress, as in medicine, when we are offered snake oil as a remedy for the nation’s energy ills, our question should be: “Is it safe and effective? Does it do more harm than good?”
Senator McCain and the Republicans have centered their answer to our vital energy needs on one solution: off-shore drilling. Senator McCain calls for it in every speech; his party has demagogued the issue in both houses of Congress.
So, is off-shore drilling energy policy or snake oil? Let’s review the facts. White House analysts, congressional analysts, and the oil industry all agree that off-shore drilling won’t add one drop to our energy pool for at least ten years. The way things are going now, in another ten years we won’t need more oil; nobody will be able to afford it.
T. Boone Pickens said it right: “We can’t drill our way out of this crisis.”
But even if Doc McCain’s magic off-shore oil elixir won’t work, will it do any harm?
The answer is, we just don’t know, and neither does he. It might not ruin tourism in the Gulf or on the California coast. It might not destroy vital fisheries. It might not pollute our waterways. Nobody really knows.
But kindly old Doc McCain would like to sell it to you anyway."

I love it! I liked it so much I made this:


Anonymous said...


I'm with you 100%!

I can hardly wait until tomorrow!
We're going nuts here in Santa Fe!

Oh BTW, great photo!

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Pink Granite said...

Hi George -
Thanks! I had fun playing around with the images and Harry Reid's words!
We are also looking forward to tonight!
- Lee

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