Friday, August 22, 2008


I’ll admit it. I kept checking our e-mail all day. Why? Well, the new parlor game of course: “Who Will Be The Next VP?” It’s fun for all ages and for one or more players, but it is not a fast paced game!

For several days, my gut has been telling me Senator Joe Biden would be the winner. But as today wore on and new-to-me names were tossed into the mix - like Texas Congressman Chet Edwards - I began to think there would be a truly big surprise. But not the kind of surprise that has us running to Wikipedia to look up the name of the new Vice Presidential candidate. No, I began to wonder if it might be Senator Hillary Clinton. Or, wait for it, former Vice President Al Gore.

My crystal ball is cloudy. My tea was steeped from a bag, so I have no leaves to read. And sadly, Carnac the Magnificent is now living in an entirely different dimension. So we’ll just have to wait until our e-mails ding, our cell phones ring or Senator Obama and Vice Presidential candidate ______________ stand together at the Old State Capitol, in Springfield, Illinois tomorrow afternoon.

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