Saturday, August 9, 2008

Team Handball

The 2008 Beijing Olympics are now in full swing. I want to recommend that you watch a sport I used to play in high school: Team Handball. It is a bit like basketball, but with a soccer (football) net instead of a hoop. It is also a fast paced, wildly under-appreciated sport! In order to learn it, my classmates and I had to watch films of the U.S. Army competing against the U.S. Navy. We girls were loving the sport and once played "boys against the girls" at the boys laughing-up-their-sleeves request. We kicked their butts! All these decades later, I can still vividly remember slamming the ball so hard into the net that the big, burly, football player of a goal keeper ducked!

Here’s a schedule of the Team Handball matches being held over the next two weeks in Beijing.


purpleronnie said...

I love watching the olympics! My favourite is the diving and the gymnastics. I will definitely look out for the handball and see when it's on here..

purpleronnie said...

ps. Did you watch the opening ceremony - i found it so beautiful

Pink Granite said...

Hi Ronnie -
I was amazed how wonderful the opening ceremonies were this year! I got a kick out of the "stamp pad" the athletes walked across.
The divers always leave me with my heart in my throat. But the perfect dives are amazing!
Hope you get a kick out of Team Handball!
- Lee