Monday, August 25, 2008

Jiminy Cricket Update!

Phil came through his knee surgery with flying colors! We wish him well as he begins his recovery and rehabilitation!


Kate said...

Thanks from Phil!

He is in a bit more pain today, but should be recovering quickly. He is being a pretty good patient, especially considering I am not the best nurse... "what do you mean I am hurting you? The brace doesn't bend like that? oops..."

Pink Granite said...

Hi Kate -
So sorry Phil is in more pain today. I imagine the first few days might be a bit of a roller coater.

Glad to hear that Phil is a pretty good patient. Men have the reputation - perhaps undeserved - of being difficult patients! And knowing you as I do, I have a hard time believing you're not a great nurse!

Give Phil our love and keep taking good care of each other!
- A.L.