Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Three Hs - Part Two

Spent the better part of today trying to figure out what projects I could accomplish in the air conditioned bedroom:
- Sewed on a pocket button
- Folded laundry
- Discovered “Grain” in Photoshop Elements as I digi-scrapped on the laptop
- Talked with my Mom when she called me from the casino in Connecticut
- Watched/listened as the Red Sox beat the Twins 18 - 5
- Paid bills on line
- Watched Masterpiece Theater’s Inspector Lewis with Chuck
- Ripped the seams on an old pair of Chuck’s shorts for a new project
- Called L.L. Bean to see if they had any new shorts for Chuck

Was not able to clean the sink, toilet, tub and the rest of the bathroom from the bedroom
Was not able to prepare meals in the bedroom
Was not ---- well, you get the idea...

I wish I could just roll with this heat and humidity. I wish I knew how to relish the steamy, thick textured summer air; the afternoon thunderstorms that roll in from New York, across the Berkshires and into Worcester County. I wish I could sit on the front porch with a cold drink, a good book and not be aware of the little bead of sweat forming on my upper lip, even as I sit in a state of complete torpor. I wish I did not wish for so much to change with that which I cannot change.

But this can always cheer me up...


purpleronnie said...

Don't worry. I am the world's worst whinger in hot weather. I HATE IT! Give me winter any day! At least when it's cold you can wrap up warm. There is no escaping heat.
So believe me, if I was there I'd be doing a hell of a lot less than what you managed to achieve today!

dancingmorganmouse said...

I'm with you both. I flop about like I've wilted in the summer - bah!
We 3 winter babes eh?

Lailaa said...

I'll swap you some heat for some London 'summer' rain... Hugs, xx

Lisa Gallup said...

Don't know how you can stand the humidity! Whenever I visit a humid area I absolutely melt. I'll stick with my dry New Mexico heat. lol Thanks for visiting my blog!

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
I'm so relieved that I (actually we, because Chuck dislikes this weather as well) am not the only one to wilt in this heat and humidity! Winter Babes Unite!

My sister in Arizona has been in triple digits (38 C+) for weeks, so I really shouldn't complain. But as you pointed out Lisa, it's a dry heat!
Thanks for all the sympathy and smiles!
- Lee