Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Probably Not What George W. Had In Mind...

Thanks to Papamoka, we have this video created by his circle of extended family and friends on the northern shores of the Quabbin Reservoir. Percussionist Doug Plavin clearly knows how to get people movin’ and groovin’!
Do pay close attention to the funding source credit at the end of the video...


Papamoka said...

Thanks for posting the video!!! And I appreciate the link back to Papamoka... Ya rock! No pun

Pink Granite said...

Hi -
No - thank you for letting us know about it!
I appreciate the kind words --- and the pun!!!
- Lee

Anonymous said...

Yes We Can....

... do something with that rebate check! LOL

That makes my day! Bravo!

"Guided by the Ancestors"

barbie2be said...

Lee, i had to "borrow" the link too. love it! si se puede!

Pink Granite said...

Hi George -
The video was catchy, but the funding source made me grin from ear to ear!
- Lee

Hi B2B -
Happy to share the wealth!
- Lee