Friday, February 1, 2008

Up In The Air

I miss the normal rhythm of my days. I’m embarrassed to even type that. The recent changes in my daily routine are truly nothing as compared to the changes for two elderly relatives. But just as what leaves our loved ones feeling as if their lives as snow globes have been severely shaken, leaves us a little shaken as well.

Today brought a couple of surprises which were dealt with fairly easily. Chuck and I were both pleased, that despite our response being limited by a sleet/ice/freezing rainstorm, both loved ones were doing pretty darn well. That happy state was due to their own independent actions and decisions, coupled with other family members pitching in to lend a hand. That is until the call came in tonight from the Boston branch of the family which required two hours of telephone calls, as we tried to figure out what a possible solution to a crisis might be.

Those balls I mentioned on Wednesday labeled: “health”, “safety”, “happiness”, “well being”, “quality of life”, and “independence” gave us quite a workout this evening. We still don’t have all the answers, but we’re still juggling.


Roo said...

....aaaand breath! Wow! It ticks off a little box in your brain now and again, when you realise that other people have minor/major crisis' and deal with them. It helps you focus a little more on the now and not the maybe, or the when or even the what happend then times of your day and life.

The one thing I take from reading my favourite people's blogs, is the fact that people deal with problems all year round, and it gives you a little bit more faith to keep on stepping up and getting on.

We are lucky, those of us that have that wonderful extended family network, and I include good friends in that. So I hope you and Chuck get to have a relaxing weekend, and I hope that you and yours are all good and getting better ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
You're right. Chuck and I have been counting our lucky stars daily, as all of these health problems have been happening to folks we care about.

Included in those stars are our family and friends who have reached out, stepped up and pitched in. (Isn't the English language a funny thing?)

There is also great comfort in the good wishes of blog folk like yourself, DMM, Ronnie, etc. It never hurts to have people on three more continents sending positive thoughts this way!
- Lee