Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rock Solid

If you’re familiar with concrete, then you’re familiar with the miserable mess we’re faced with around here! Beginning last evening, about five inches of snow fell. Sometime overnight, it changed to freezing rain which added about a half an inch of ice on top of the snow. By daybreak, every twig, branch and power line was encrusted with ice. Then the freezing rain switched over to a heavy, steady downpour, while the temperature barely edged above the freezing point. Yucckk! The shovels struggle to penetrate the top crust of ice and the saturated snow below is dense and unbelievably heavy.

There’s an old expression which we sometimes ascribe to inefficient public works departments: “The Good Lord brought it. Let the Good Lord take it away.” Thankfully, our little town has a much more effective snow removal policy, but we’re thinking this adage is going to have to be our motto for the next 24 hours or so!


dancingmorganmouse said...

I'll bet it looks amazing though.

Sue said...

Shame!! Hope it warms up a bit for you. And I hope you're taking lots of photos for us! We've had such sweltering heat this week - yesterday was about 35+ deg C. I must be honest though, I preferred our sunny blue skies of yesterday, to the gloomy rain clouds threatening to explode today. We had quite a thunderstorm during the night too, which is very unusual for Cape Town. Post photos soon, I love your snowy ones!

Sue x

Anonymous said...

yes, pictures, please


barbie2be said...

brrrr.... hope things warm up for you soon.

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
Thanks for the good wishes and the requests for me to post some photographs!!!
I was disappointed to look back over the past few weeks and see how few photos I've uploaded. I think "life" intervened and got me out of the habit.
I'll make an effort to reverse the trend!
- Lee