Sunday, February 3, 2008

19 - 0 Oops. 18 - 1

Jeezum Crow! Even I give a rat’s ass that the New England Patriots lost The Super Bowl to the New York Giants, 17 - 14!
It seems crazy that the first game the Patriots lost all season was this last one - crazy and disappointing.

O.K. C’mon. Shake it off.

What we need to focus on now, is the fact that pitchers and catchers report in 12 days!!!

Go Sox!!!
So good, so good so good!!!

Update: February 5, 2008
To better understand the impact of this loss on one die hard Patriots fan, please read Kate’s response in the comments section...



Kate said...

Phil is inconsolable at this point. This is his version of the '86 World Series. He is exhibiting all the stages of grief, lol. Denial was definitely Sunday night into Monday. Anger kicked in last night, then I think he skipped right over bargaining into depression.
Hopefully acceptance will come soon... All I have to say is Go Celtics and bring on baseball.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Kate -
Please express our condolences to Phil.
A loss of this magnitude is never easy.
At least he seems to be moving swiftly through all the stages of grief! ;o)

It is strange that the Pats were undefeated during an amazing record breaking season, only to walk away without the final prize.

Go Celtics!
Go Sox!
- A.L.

geder said...

(Of course if you're from upstate New York you're kinda like dancing all over the place,... he he)

Pink Granite said...

Hi George -
No, no, it's O.K. I understand.
But aren't The "New York" Giants from East Rutherford, New Jersey?!?!?
Enjoy your happy dance!
- Lee