Monday, February 25, 2008

The Most Fun You Can Have...

...with your clothes on, that is! We went snowshoeing again today and it was just as wonderful as yesterday. We headed out in back of our house and decided to travel in the woods behind our neighbors’ homes, toward a hill that rises up to the west. We were surprised yesterday to see so few animal tracks and very little scat. Today however we saw deer tracks. Remember the deer that came through our yard last April? Perhaps it was one of those beautiful creatures.

We continued along to the top of the hill, which is home to a couple of working fields. It was well worth picking our way over fallen trees, tangled brush and prickers to get there, as the view was lovely.

The sun was getting low and we were enjoying the scenery, as well as the evenness of the field. So rather than looping back home through the woods, we continued down the south side of the hill to our road. We slipped off our snowshoes, slung them onto our poles and walked the rest of the way back home.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to get a little snow followed by a lot of rain. After these last two days, I so hope the meteorologists have it backwards. More snow please!


Sue said...

Nice to know that there are other pleasures to snow!! That it's not just about snuggling up next to a fire with a glass of wine! Nice that you get out and about and enjoy it too!! Loving these photos of your winter wonderland!

Sue x

Anonymous said...

Good lord, I thought you had buried Chuck in the snow when I first saw the picture of the deer track. Glad you explained it!


Pink Granite said...

Thanks Sue!
Although that whole snuggling by the fire with a glass of wine has an awful lot to recommend it!
- Lee

Hi Gail -
It's good to start the morning off with as big a laugh as you gave me with your comment!!!
So glad you read the description!
- Lee

Anonymous said...

yes it looks like a nose print sticking out not a deer track:) Carrie

Pink Granite said...

Hi Carrie -
Thanks for checking in!
After your Mom's and your comments, pretty much all I can see now is a nose in the snow!!!
It's all a matter of perspective!
- Auntie Lee