Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just Past Total

The anticipated storm went out to sea well to our south, so we were able to see the lunar eclipse! The temperature was 15 F (-9 C) - very frosty! I tried taking a photo “free hand” but without success. Chuck grabbed our ancient tripod and we managed to take some better shots that looked much more like a lunar eclipse than a blurry flying saucer! The photo above (untweaked, just cropped) was the best one. We shot it about 11:10 p.m. EST, using our trusty Canon PowerShot S2 IS. You can click on the image to get a better look.

Standing out in the icy cold, fingers freezing, tripod acting wonky, looking up at the night sky together - just one more reason I love my husband!


purpleronnie said...

This is so beautiful - I just love eclipses!

Sue said...

The lunar eclipse was due to hit Cape Town at 3:26 this morning. I set my alarm for 3:00 and got up to go check it out. My intention was to wake Jake up so he could enjoy it too, but when I crawled out of bed, the moon was still shining brightly in the sky. I went back to bed and passed out. My mom said it only happened around 5:30, so I missed it... Thanks for the pic!!

Sue x

Anonymous said...

The eclipse was much less impressive here in Georgia. I had a clear view but was a tad underwhelmed.


Beautiful pic, BTW

barbie2be said...

wow, that's beautiful. it was totally overcast here so we didn't even get a hint of it. :(

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
Thank you for the kind words! I was delighted to actually capture what I did on film/in pixels!

Gail & B2B -
We were fortunate that it was so incredibly crisp, cold and clear around here. You could make out Saturn with the naked eye!

Sue -
I'm sorry you and Jake missed it. Hopefully you'll catch the partial one this August 16th!

- Lee

Nana Fi said...

What an amazing shot of the moon. I got up really early in order to see it but I jolly well could not find it, I suppose I should have driven to where I could but at that time of the morning I am not the best. I see Sue managed to see it, and they stay near us, so I just don't understand why we could'nt. Nana Fi

Pink Granite said...

Hi Fi -
Sorry you missed out - as did Sue and Jake, but for different reasons!
I'm glad you liked the photo and hopefully all the ones people uploaded to the Wikipedia link.
- Lee