Sunday, January 6, 2008


Well that didn’t work out exactly as planned. We thought we had successfully evicted the bug that wreaked havoc with Chuck a few days ago. Apparently the bug liked this general address and decided to condo-ize me. Oy. I hope that I was truly kind and sensitive to Chuck when he was felled by this nasty creature, because anything less would have been cruel. With Chuck’s assistance, I have now progressed from apple juice and Saltines to chicken soup and Saltines. Being that sick, however briefly, is just the pits. I’m very glad to be climbing up and out.

By the way, while things were at their worst, I couldn’t stand to even think about food. That meant even the distraction of television was a minefield of food commercials - except of course for Turner Classic Movies and CSPAN. As a result, I watched more black and white movies and listened to more of Hillary Clinton than I had planned. I came away feeling reassured that if Senator Clinton were to get the nomination, I could comfortably vote for her for president. I don’t think that’s my fever talking. She struck me as well informed, thoughtful and realistic as she fielded questions from a large crowd in a New Hampshire high school. I admit I still wish her husband, former President Bill Clinton, could run for president again and that she suffers by comparison to his brilliance and charisma. But it’s great to have at least three well qualified, intelligent, individuals who appreciate the Constitution and the long standing values of our nation, offering to lead us out of the darkness of the present administration.

Oh, and “Topper” still holds up well after seven decades...


Anonymous said...

The United States has 97 men to every 100 women. Where is our VOICE!
You want change? Then let's elect a woman (who was not afraid to show her emotions).
I have NEVER, until today been a Hillary supporter. I viewed her as a cold and calculating woman.
Well no more!
She finally let us see inside and I for one like what I see.
If we miss this chance to make history for our gender then I see little hope for our daughters and granddaughters. The time has come!!

Pink Granite said...

Hey Kat -
Thank you for your righteous anger and intense motivation!!!
As I wrote in the post, watching Senator Clinton on the weekend changed my point of view. Seeing her brief moment of passion spilling over into genuine emotion today, only served to strengthen my enthusiasm for her.
Thanks for stirring us up!!!
- Lee

dancingmorganmouse said...

Never trust a politician - particularly one who makes a public display of emotion - the cynic in me believes it's all a show.
Sorry to hear you got that bug, nasty.

Pink Granite said...

Hey DMM -
I appreciate the reality check and cautionary advice.
Problem is we have to trust someone, in order to elect someone, who can move us back to where we belong as a nation.
My heart might get broken (again), but I'm playing full tilt boogie until then!
- Lee
P.S. Thanks for the health commiserations. I know you understand all too well!!!