Monday, January 28, 2008

Still Spinning...

Plates are still spinning, still wobbling, but thankfully, no plates have crashed!!!

-- For one of our loved ones, surgery has been done to repair the L3 vertebra. This is an explanation of the amazing science fiction which is now a medical reality. We’ll know tomorrow if it was 100% successful.

-- Dizziness and wobbliness continue for another loved one, but several serious things have been ruled out. “Vertigo” was a great movie, but not a great way to live! Hopefully, more mysteries will be solved tomorrow.

-- Emergency rooms are not fun. Most of the folks who work there have shiny halos, the one doctor with the bedside manner of a dead fish notwithstanding!

-- Extended family members are a Godsend! Cell phones are little miracles that fit in your pocket and let you stay in touch with far flung family members in need of information and assurance. What flows back is love and support to the person in need. Did the inventors of the cell phone win a Nobel Prize? They should have.

-- Two hospitals, in two states, on the same day is too much.

-- More doctors and hospitals are on the agenda for tomorrow. Thanks for holding us in your thoughts and for the good wishes. Stories about the readers of Pink Granite make for entertaining and distracting chit chat while keeping patients company. Thank You All!

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purpleronnie said...

Good Luck!! We are all with you in spirit!!