Saturday, January 26, 2008

Plates - Meet Giddy

Remember the variety act where a guy would get plates spinning up on poles? They’d be whirling around like tethered flying saucers, when suddenly one would begin to wobble. He would dash over, attend to the plate threatening to fly out of orbit, when another plate would wobble - and so on. It was exciting, a marvel to behold and quite stressful. 

Welcome to our world!

In the last couple of days, we’ve had a little more excitement with some members of our extended family than we would like. Neither Chuck nor I can remember rubbing a lamp and asking for anyone we love to have fractured L3 vertebrae or dizzy spells or mysterious infections. Did we get somebody else’s wish list? I doubt it. It seems more like somebody else’s voodoo dolls. “Hey! Please feel free to remove the pins anytime now, thank you!”

Luckily (despite the fracture) no plates have spun out of control and crashed to the floor. But there has been an awful lot of wobbling in the last few days! 

Earlier this evening, we took a break from tending one particular plate spinning in a Boston hospital and stopped at the Alewife Whole Foods store in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Walking from the car to the store, Chuck veered off from me and returned with a small two tiered shopping cart. Despite being tired, I nearly broke out into a happy dance. I love those carts! Whole Foods is the only store that I’ve seen use them and Chuck knows they make me ridiculously giddy! Those puppies turn on a dime and you can always maneuver your way out of a shopping cart/bumper car/traffic jam. Seriously, if I could figure out even the remotest practical use, I would buy one and push it around the house all day. Crazy, I know and I so don’t care.

Anyhoo, we went in just to get two things. But I happily wheeled my little cart all over that store to the tune of $70.00. Mind you, that’s not at all hard in a Whole Foods store, but it was way more than just our original two items. If we hadn’t been so hungry, I’d still be tooling up and down the aisles in Cambridge. But we were hungry, so we decided to have dinner right there from the soup and salad bar. (That did contribute mightily to the $70.00 total, so I guess it wasn’t too bad!) After we checked out, the three of us headed over to the cafe area at the front of the store to enjoy our soups and salads. Yes, I typed three. Chuck, me and our little two tiered cart! Ridiculously giddy and just what the doctor ordered after all those spinning plates!


Roo said...

Hey Lee - you and Peter would get on so well, he loves the shopping and he and only he gets the cart... bizarre people ;o)

Nana Fi said...

Hello Lee, lovely to be back and reading and catching up on all my favourite blogs. You make me laugh about the carts, I only shop with the small carts now they are great. Sorry that various members of your family and friends are having a bad time of it. These things always come in threes, so hopefully that was the full quota and there will be no more nasties waiting for you. Cheers Nana Fi

purpleronnie said...

Ha ha ha I had to laugh I can just imagine you doing a little dance of joy at the sight of the shopping cart. I too like just the right one for my shopping - I absolutely hate the big deep ones that you have to practically climb into in order to get your things out.
Despite all the laughter, I am sorry to hear about all the plate-wobbling (excellent metaphor by the way) and I only hope that all is well and balanced again in your world.

dancingmorganmouse said...

Oh, been there done that, it's just too easy to spend too much is a really good Deli or Market, particularly when you're hungry. Still, you can't take it with you :)