Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One Door Closes

The Blogosphere will be a little quieter and a little poorer for the foreseeable future. Tonya, who posted at “Ugly Is The New Pretty”, has shuttered her Typepad blog page to focus on other aspects of her life. I’m happy she’s come to a decision she feels best about. But I admit to feeling the loss already. Tonya was the second blogger to do me the honor of linking to me on her page. That was almost exactly one year ago. I’ve appreciated her honesty, her frankness, her sense of humor and her artistic eye. There’s a chance she might revive her Blogger page someday, but in the meantime we shall have to content ourselves with her varied and expressive photographs over on her Flickr page.

Thank you for everything Tonya!
I wish you well in making all your dreams come true...

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