Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tipping Point

I can’t decide if this would be a dream come true or a nightmare. A guy actually got to live in the IKEA store in Paramus, New Jersey for seven days! The geographical location aside (sorry New Jersey), it might be really cool to try out all the nifty furniture and gadgets in the showrooms and marketplace. But since I don’t like surprise visitors, I can’t imagine having a gazillion people walking through my bedroom, twelve hours a day.

O.K. I’m still on the fence, but leaning toward nightmare. If it were Wal Mart, Tiffany, Target or Nordstrom, the decision would be easy: total nightmare, But we’re talking IKEA, home of all things wonderful! You judge for yourself at filmaker/comedian Mark Malkoff’s video diary of his Paramus IKEA experience. He’s from the “Annoying School of Comedy”, but I have to give him points for creativity and chutzpah!


Roo said...

Hey hey - I'm with you , living in a store for a week would be my idea of hell. Half an hour without me bitching is pretty good for me. I think it's from coming from a service industry background. After all those damn annoying people, why would I honestly thrust myself back in amongst them. Or I could be just a big snob???

Saying that though out Ikea is 5mins down the road (doesn't stop us having meatballs though)and despite the fact that I think their quality can be bad at best and downright lethal at worst, occasionally they come up trumps. So I may take a picture of our two new stripey stools for the kitchen!

I see too that you sew.. any chance you can take up and hem the curtains we want? Do it ourselves I hear you say - not likely, despite being a two gay man household, neither of us are happy with a needle and thread.. go on, you know you want too ;o)

Hope you and Chuck are well, catch up with you soon

Roo x

purpleronnie said...

Ha ha ha Roo! We do not have one of these IKEA stores in SA. I have vowed I will one day visit one! For me living in a department store would only be truly worthwhile if there were lots of yummy treats and a very comfy sofa - I'm easy to please!

tonya said...

he is a cornball but it's a fun bit and i think i'd love it, for 6 days or maybe a little less. i love how annoyed the worker watching the hair wash was. that was a great capture.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
I envy you being so close to an IKEA! I'd love to see the new items for the kitchen. I'll check out your Kitchen Flickr group...

Yes I do sew. Hemming is not fun. You live very far away. Shipping the curtains (or me) back and forth would get expensive, so I'll have to decline!

If you're really dead set against needle and thread, have you thought about "Iron On Hem Tape"? If the curtains aren't heavy, lined drapes, but lighter curtains, it could work well!

As for gay stereotypes, I'm not going down that road! Just as I did not go down the "you-don't like-musical-theater???" road the other day!!!

Best to Peter!
Happy winter!
- Lee

Hi Ronnie -
IKEA does have lots of yummy Swedish treats (meatballs, cinnamon buns...) and they have very comfy sofas too! I hope they decide to build a store in South Africa very soon!
- Lee

Hi Tonya -
I agree, some of his videos were priceless. He's the same guy who visited all the Starbucks in New York City in 24 hours! There's a question asked by the older generation: "From this he makes a living?" Hard to believe the answer is "Yes!"
- Lee