Monday, January 14, 2008

Less Is More

Our geography made us fortunate. Ten to fourteen inches of snow were predicted, but only eight or so fell. Our location in the hills of Worcester County gave us enough altitude, so while the snow was excellent for snowballs and snow people it was not back breakingly heavy to shovel. The colder temperatures from altitude and being a couple of hours inland also helped to keep our trees and power lines in their upright positions. It was not so for many areas closer to the coast or farther to the north.

Once the worst of it was over, I began to shovel. (Despite Chuck’s best efforts, the snow blower’s in the shop.) Along the way, I took photographs as an excuse to rest!

Looking out the kitchen window, under the hemlocks, toward the old clothesline

Hemlock branches and cones dripping under the weight of the snow

Looking down the driveway from the dooryard

Snow clinging to every surface


Sue said...

Oh my!!! That's just so beautiful! It all looks so peaceful. It's been so hot here lately (well, specifically today, we're due for some rain - YAY!) - would be great to exchange for a couple of hours, just to cool off...

dancingmorganmouse said...

That's beautiful, and I can imagine the quiet.

purpleronnie said...

Again, I tell you how lucky you are to live in a place where it snows! On a really cold day here we get a few tiny pieces of hail. Nothing to write home about or make any form of snow structure with. Your pics as always are beautiful - when can I come visit??

dancingmorganmouse said...

well, we're not going anywhere Lee, anytime :)

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
I'm so glad you liked the pictures! (Boy have I been remiss in my picture taking and posting!)
And I'm very happy that the pics conveyed the feeling and yes, the stillness, of the day.
The idea of an exchange for a couple of hours to warm up/cool down has great appeal! If only we could do it like they did on Star Trek with the Transporter! But we'd need to overlap and all share a cup of coffee together somewhere in between!
- Lee

Roo said...

Hey hey - Great photos..brilliant

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

Let me join the crowd; I am enjoying your photos too. My NY winter homesickness has once again been assuaged by your pictures. (I love to drag out those 10th grade 'word wealth' every once in a while). LOL

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
Thank you very much!
- Lee

Hi George -
As always, I am happy to help any way I can!
Although the photo you posted of the view out your window (mountains in the distance, dusting of snow) was pretty darn spectacular!
And assuage is such a fine word!
- Lee