Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three Weeks

It was three weeks ago today that I had Mohs surgery just above my right eyebrow. Chuck and I are astonished at how well the wound has been healing. If you look at it closely or in bright light from a raking angle, you can see the outline of the teardrop shaped incision. The first few days after I stopped wearing a bandage it looked like I might have fallen and scraped the area. But now it is just a little red; not screaming “Surgical Reconstruction Zone”!

While keeping it bandaged, I used Neosporin triple antibiotic ointment on it. Since it has been uncovered, whenever I am out and about in public I use a thin coating of Aquaphor to keep it moist. But when I am at home I apply Herbal AloeForce Skin Gel. The Aquaphor is a completely clear petrolatum product. The Herbal Aloe Force is non-greasy and dark brown in color. Both keep the area moist and protected, but the Herbal AloeForce dries out sufficiently on the surface so that I can sleep with it on and not have it rub off on my pillowcase.

What I went through those first few days was decidedly unattractive and uncomfortable. Back then I assumed I would need to make peace with a fairly prominent scar - not quite like a Heidelberg Dueling Scar, but noticeable natheless! Instead, I am already completely unselfconscious in public. And, unlike when I was wearing a bandage, I have seen nary a soul glance up at the evidence of my recent Mohs adventure.



Ms Brown Mouse said...

This is excellent news. I think you should get a saucy pirate eyepatch and flip it up to cover the (non) scar :)

Irene said...

I'm glad to know the healing process is going so well! I'll have to keep those products in mind. Neosporin I've know about, butI've used Aquaphor in the past, but never in the healing process of a scar. It seems like your scare will be barely noticeable!

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Yes! Something in hot pink!

Hi Irene -
All three worked well in their own way at the right time. We had to go to a health food store for the AloeForce, but now that I've tried it, I'll keep it as part of or home "apothecary"!

Sue said...

I am catching up on some blog reading this morning and wasn't planning on passing too many comments, just catch up, but this deserves comment! I am thrilled and so happy for you that this has all gone better than planned. Brilliant news!!

Sue X