Thursday, March 17, 2011



GAIL said...

Holy Mary Mother of God!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has Mom seen you? She is going to flip.

Miss Rachel said...

Oh I hope the swelling goes down soon, but yea for being cancer-free!!!

Is this the first time you have shown your face on your blog?

Pink Granite said...

Hi Gail -
That's exactly what I said when I looked in the mirror!

You'll remember that even before the surgery they warned me I might end up with a black eye and it might swell shut. But who knew just how right they would be?

I just spoke with Mom, after you two had chatted, and she wants me to "save a picture" for her!

Hi Miss Rachel -
Thank you!
The eye is only 98% closed this morning, but that means the eyelashes are no longer as painful.

I've posted a few childhood pics but I posted a contemporary photo back on my 50th birthday:

Karen said...

Swelling up a bit?
This looks like a split screen, before and after. You win!

Anonymous said...

omg Auntie Lee...You really need to stop the bar fights:) CC

cookiecrumb said...

It's incredible! I didn't have anything like that, and I got a complete segment of my eyelid CUT OFF! Wow, medicine is amazing. (Now I'm remembering that I spent six weeks with three eyelashes stuck inside my eye, that couldn't be removed until the stitches came out. That hurt.)
You are brave here, in at least a couple of ways! xx

Pink Granite said...

Hi Karen -
It does look like a composite photo!
LOL, I didn't know it was a contest!

Hi Carrie -
Yeah that's me alright, a bar brawler from way back!

Hi CookieCrumb -
Six Weeks with the eyelashes???? OMG
I was crawling the walls and trying to breathe my way through the sensation of the eyelashes brushing against my eyeball for only 2 1/2 days!

Your Mohs location sure sounds like it should have involved way more swelling. But it's the location above my eyebrow and close to the scalp bloodflow that led to all my excitement.
Glad you're hunky dory now!

Anonymous said...

Dear lee,

Thank you for sharing (I think).
You'll get better, of course.

Your strength is not lost on me and I will be mindful of such.

Take care and speedy recovery!

Peace & Blessings,
"Guided by the Ancestors"

cookiecrumb said...

OK. I will admit that the lashes in the eyelid were pure hell. I'm grateful in a way that you acknowledge my torture, having suffered yourself. I made two or three emergency visits, and still got no relief. I was constantly throwing myself onto the bed (at all hours), in agony.
I hadn't realized you hurt so much yourself, so I played it light here.
We are both better! That's all I care to think about.

Sue said...

Awwwwww, Lee!!! That looks soooo sore! I am so behind with checking blogs, I have only just seen this picture. You look so sore and I am so glad that by now the swelling will be down a lot and you will be feeling so much better. Thank you for sharing this ordeal with us, makes one more aware. That said, I still haven't been to the Dermatologist for my mark... I promise I will make an appointment next week. Although this picture did scare me a little...

Big hug and lots of love, Sue XXX

Irene said...

I know, I'm a little slow to catch up... I'm thrilled for you being CANCER FREE!