Friday, March 4, 2011

Jam Jar Still Wins

Back in August, I posted about the wine from South Africa called Jam Jar. A few weeks ago we went back to Wine Nation to stock back up, only to find they were sold out. After Chuck revived me from where I had collapsed on the floor in despair, one of the managers took us on a tour of other sweet reds. We bought a few and drove home, still pining for Jam Jar.

Tonight we opened a “Sweet Walter Red” from Bully Hill. The nose, as they say, was profoundly Concord Grape. It was super, super sweet (the label had been abundantly clear on that point) but it didn’t taste much like wine. It reminded us both of the classic Manischewitz Concord Grape Wine. Now, Manischewitz has its place of pride, but not as an accompaniment to this evening’s whole wheat penne pasta with red sauce and meatballs!

So Jam Jar remains at the top of our delicious, versatile, complex, yet sweet red wines list.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

So is this kosher wine? The only kosher wine in our local bottlo is from Spain of all places!

Sue said...

It came from SA, of course it was good!!! Need to make enquiries at our local for a bottle for myself!!

Sue xxx

Wendy said...

oh no what you gonna do?? you will have to google and order online.
south african wine is of course the only way to go ;)

Roo said...

It was good of the guy to take you around the wines to see if there was a comparison. I have to admit we get better Oz reds than SA ones over here, I reckon Sue and Wendy are keeping the SA reds for themselves ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
No, no only the Manischewitz is kosher. Kosher wine has a reputation for being sweet, but the new kosher wines run the gamut of flavors and dryness.

Hi Sue -
You are part of a great tradition of fine South African wines! Hope you try it and enjoy it!

Hi Wendy -
All will be well, because they were just out of stock. Hopefully we can stock back up again on our next visit to the store!

Hi Roo -
He was very kind to take us all around the store - especially after our public display of dismay!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'm not terribly keen on sweet reds, not after a housemate & I sampled a couple of bottles togethe. It did not end well.
Aversion therapy, same reason I cannot look a toasted marshmallow in the eye anymore :)