Friday, March 11, 2011


This isn’t a review.
It’s more of a whispered recommendation.

If you find yourself in Hardwick, Masschusetts, in the village of Gilbertville, right on the main drag you will find “Rose32 Bread”. We’ve only been once, but we intend to go back. Lovely things are happening in the converted gas station. We’ve tried two kinds of cookies and one loaf of bread. As we used to say when I was growing up: “Mmmm, tastes like more!”

In addition to the baked goods, Rose32 also does breakfast, soup, quiche, salads and sandwiches. The place smells good, looks spotless and the staff is chipper and cheerful.

And let’s all remember that Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream started out in a converted gas station in Burlington, Vermont back in 1978. I know this because I ate there many times!


Ms Brown Mouse said...

“Mmmm, tastes like more!” that is so going to enter our vocabulary.

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
It's such a funny but descriptive phrase!
Enjoy it!

Irene said...

It looks like it's worth a drive cross country! LOL. I'll have to check it out if I'm ever in the area. You never know. :) I still have relatives near there.

Sue said...

Sounds absolutely divine!!! Nothing like fresh, "home" baked bread! Danie's mom made some last weekend & jake asked for more when we were there this afternoon. Delicious warm with real butter and home made apricot jam! Hmmmmmmm...