Thursday, March 3, 2011


It’s been twelve years since Chuck’s Mom passed away. It was Alzheimer’s which took Betty, just like it was for my Dad. Mom was warm, gentle, strong and loving. Besides being a devoted wife and mom, after she died, we learned that she had lettered in sports in high school. She had excelled in basketball, baseball, dancing and archery! She loved to laugh and would have enjoyed how that discovery caught us all by surprise.

Zichrona liveracha
Her memory is a blessing...


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Mr Brown's mum was a Betty.
Hugs to Chuck xxx

Wendy said...

she looks like the sweetest person. and what wonderful memories you have
hugs to you both xx

Pink Granite said...

Hi Morgan -
Ahhh... thank you and hugs back to Mr. Brown.

Hi Wendy -
Thank you.
She was quite delightful. While I did not get to know her in her prime, her warmth and kindness always burned brightly.