Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gut Check

We all know we have one of four blood types. (Chuck’s is B positive - natch!) but did you know we have gut bacteria types? As reported in a tantalizing New York Times article, scientists say that our enterotype bacteria sorts us into three distinct types. Who knew? In the brief but fascinating article by Carl Zimmer, we learn that the investigators speculate that “the guts, or intestines, of infants are randomly colonized by different pioneering species of microbes”. Not only is this cool, but it could lead to much more specific treatments for illnesses or precise prescribing of medicines and supplements..


Anonymous said...

This is what you are writing about while on VACA???

Pictures from Maine, please.



Pink Granite said...

Hi Gail -
What can I say? I found the article fascinating!

As for the Maine pics, the internet access continues to be a challenge, especially for uploading photos. So I promise a full report, with pics soon!

Wendy said...

lee you make me LOL . omly you will post about gut bacteria on your hols.
have a fab time
will check out the article