Sunday, April 10, 2011

Silence Is Golden

I’ve written previously about our adventures with our new washer and dryer. I continue to adjust and almost, yes, almost like using the darned things. One problem we hadn’t anticipated was “water hammer”. The new high-efficiency, front loader washer calls for water repeatedly during the wash and rinse cycles. The old top loader just filled up the tub once for each cycle; sloshed about and spun down. The repeated sudden start-stop of the water led to a terrible slamming of the pipes which could be felt throughout this very old house. It didn’t happen every time, but often enough that it worried us.

Chuck did some research and headed off to our local hardware store. Coming up empty, he moved on to Home Depot. Sure enough they had what we needed. It’s called a “Mini-Rester Water Hammer Arrester” with a washing machine connection, manufactured by Sioux Chief. Chuck installed one on the cold water side and one on the hot water side. The first load of laundry I ran after Chuck had finished his work, I kept poking my head into the laundry room because I was convinced the washer had stopped running!

Add in the warmer weather we have been having which means I can get back to hanging laundry on the line and I am a significantly happier homemaker!


Ms Brown Mouse said...

We've got one of those things for our laundry too. We had to get it for our old top loader! Old houses, old pipes eh? Keeps us on our toes :)

Irene said...

I learned something new today! Good info for future use... You never know.

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
With the old top loader our biggest challenge was not having the thing "walk" right out of the room or knock things off the shelves in the adjacent pantry!

Hi Irene -
Once Chuck sorted out the options and zeroed in on the "washing machine" hook-up, he had it all done in no time!

Roo said...

Aha, modern house you see, no hammer!
Although I am going to mention it to a friend that has a really old place and he has exactly this issue (when I say really old, as in older than the declaration of independence old, ;o)

I do like the big american top loaders though, I could get away with two washes a week!

Anonymous said...

Just bought a KitchenAid electric range. The old one died after 10 years of faithful unwavering duty. We loved it.

This new one will take getting use to. One thing is definite, the older model was better in many ways. Too many to describe.

My Mother had a GE electric coil range that lasted 28 years - replaced it 2 years ago. Still has her hand mixer from 1972. A washer & dryer from 1973. I assure you she put them all to the test.

Our "newer" appliances just barely make it to 10 years and die a costly death. Please don't get me started me on our small appliances.


Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
Happy to be passing on some useful information!
As for top vs. front loaders, the front loaders here hold much more than the old top ones did. So I'm still getting used to my new laundry pattern.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Angie -
Sorry this is out of order.
It certainly feels to us that the old appliances were real workhorses. The new ones may have lots of bells and whistles and they may even be energy efficient, but all too often they feel just a bit too flimsy.