Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Beginnings

We are tired but happy. We shared a fun Easter dinner down in Rhode Island with the family this afternoon. Driving down Route 295 we could see the Warwick Mall, thankfully no longer under water, but with an uncertain date to reopen. The sandbags piled along the sides of roadways was unsettling and a clear reminder on a gorgeous, sunny day of how much destruction had been wrought less than a week ago.

Now we are back home, watching the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees on opening day night at Fenway Park. Yes, I want the Red Sox to win. But mostly I am just tickled pink both teams are putting on one heck of a good show! Baseball is back in full swing (puns be damned) and that is a very good thing!

: : Update: Final Score: Red Sox 9, Yankees 7

So good, so good, so good!


Roo said...

Hallooo - finally - I've caught up with everyone

Neighbours - I hope that you and the new ones get on well together and, like you say, if they mellow into their new home and life like you both have, then it's a given

Washing machine - make sure you go for an A rated machine, and that it's not just cold water feed as they take too long to heat water and waste electricity

Church - I gave up accepting their apologies.. until they understand the meaning of double standards the Roman church will never understand us.

Flower show - love that water feature

Catch up soon, hugs to you and Chuck xx

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
Thanks for the thoughts and good wishes on the neighbors. Writing the post helped me get to a better place about them.

Thanks for the tips on the washing machine. I'm still experimenting with the TJ's detergent.

Excellent point about the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican has been particularly clumsy and inappropriate this week. In so many ways, this is a Church I no longer even recognize.

That water feature/waterfall was quite spectacular. Have you seen Morgan and Mr. Brown's fountain?

Hugs back to you and Peter!
- Lee