Monday, April 12, 2010

April 15th Looms

Paper Records. Check.
On Line Records. Check.
Calculator. Check.
Turbo Tax. Check.
Checkbook. (Sigh...) Check.
Tick, Tock, Tick Tock... Yikes!


dancingmorganmouse said...

tax time? Good luck.

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Oh, yes indeedy!
We started earlier this year, then ran into a couple of glitches and stopped.
But as of this a.m. the finish line is in sight!
- Lee

Sue said...

And today's the 15th, so guess that's why you've been quiet this week. Hope you managed to get everything in on time!!

Sue x

Irene said...


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we file on the 15th. We detest it, but it gets done, and we never file extensions, either. It's brutal.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
Today's still the 14th here, so it's all good. We expect to file this afternoon - yay!
- Lee

Hi Irene -
If memory serves, we filed an extension only once - the year we used an accountant! After that one year we went back to Turbo Tax.
Our filing dates vary. If we're getting a refund, that usually inspires us to get things done early!
Good luck!
- Lee