Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tide Pools

While we were over on the Schoodic Peninsula section of Acadia yesterday, we found many tide pools of various depths and sizes. We happened to be there near low tide when these exquisite worlds are revealed.

Schoodic Peninsula

One of the deeper tide pools

Practically a monoculture pool

Looking back up toward the high water line and the treeline

A very shallow and colorful pool

Close up of the plant life under the water

Close up of periwinkles under the water


dancingmorganmouse said...

Rock pools are pretty much the only bit about the beach I like (I KNOW, Australia is wasted on me) :) Love the little shellfish, they don't look much but they are so busy.

Kate said...

These photos, although I know it's cold where you are, make me long for summer. I need beach sand, steamers and a margarita STAT!

Sue said...

Gorgeous snaps! I love tidal pools, as does Jake. We need to visit the beach!! Sue X

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
That's OK! At least there is something there you really can appreciate and enjoy!

Hi Kate -
All three things are available here and now - just remember to wear a vest and a hat!

It's funny, you're looking forward to summer and we're looking forward to our next trip up here in the autumn!

Hi Sue -
You have such terrific seaside options available nearby, do take advantage of them in our stead!
- Lee