Saturday, April 10, 2010

Memories & Farewell

It was back in January of 1989. I had flown out to see my sister Karen and her family in California. Our Mom was visiting at the same time. One evening, Karen arranged for all of us to go and watch a taping of the television situation comedy “Designing Women”. It was fascinating to see what goes on between takes and behind the camera. Even though the show broadcast as just a half hour, it took many hours to record. As the evening wore on, some audience members left and some of the seats around us became vacant. That was when Hal Holbrook sat down right next to me. He was married to the star of “Designing Women”, Dixie Carter. I could barely breathe. I was so excited. I stayed calm and cool and managed to exchange some pleasantries with him in between takes. No, I didn’t ask him for his autograph. I was being cool remember? At one point Dixie came up to where Hal was seated. They smiled and chatted. It struck me during that brief exchange that they were completely enchanted with each other. From start to finish it was an exciting and memorable evening.

Tonight I learned that Dixie Carter passed away earlier today. She was just 70 years old. Hal is 85. This May they would have celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. May Dixie rest in peace. May Hal and their family find comfort and peace.


Wendy said...

oh how sad. I used to love designing woman as a child. well done on the coolness by the way. I probably would have cried. I am prone to that.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Wendy -
It was a fun show. Especially when Dixie in her role as Julia Sugarbaker would go off on one of her feisty monologues!
As for playing it cool, it's likely I was repeatedly telling myself "stay cool, stay cool..." - silently, of course!
- Lee