Saturday, January 30, 2010

Unhappy Hipsters

A few days ago Morgan pointed me to a clever and witty website. They take photos from Dwell magazine and caption them. It’s called Unhappy Hipsters. In some ways it is the uber-modern, angst-ridden, minimalist, home decorating equivalent of Awkward Family Photos.

I had you at angst-ridden, didn’t I?


Roo said...

Look at you with big hyphenated words ;o)

I laughed out loud and choked on my coffee after going there! Nearly got myself a new pc on the insurance, but managed to avoid spitting coffee over the keyboard and just snorted it back through my nose instead ...eeewww


Kate said...

Someone I work with was just telling me about awkward family photos! Hours of entertainment!

Irene said...


Now I'm wondering if we have some gems in our collection of photos... Hmmmm.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
Glad the laptop - and you - survived the visits to both sites!
I first linked to Awkward Family Photos back on August 9th. But I think it's the combination with Unhappy Hipsters which really sets them both off to best advantage!

Hi Kate -
Hours of entertainment - occasionally tinged with shock and confusion - absolutely!

Hi Irene -
Oh no!
You are a very brave woman to even look.
And if you find one and submit it, you must have a very forgiving family!
- Lee

Wendy said...

oh my word. I just went onto akward family photos and have been lauging out loud (hahaha) brilliant. off to unhappy hipsters now