Monday, January 25, 2010


Chuck and I were speaking with a friend of ours today who is about the most right-wing, rock-ribbed a Republican person that we know. He’s also pro-business and against “big government”. Out of the blue he asked us what we thought about last week’s Supreme Court decision. Now, part of how we all remain friends is that we don’t get ourselves unnecessarily into heated political discussions. We hold fast to the values and interests we hold in common and let sleeping dogs lie. Well, we answered truthfully that we thought it was a terrible decision. We felt the Supreme Court over reached badly and needlessly. And we felt that it would be a devastating shift in the balance of power between individuals and corporations. Our friend shocked us when he said: “I agree with you completely.” He went on to say that he felt it could lead to the undermining of our democracy as we have known it.

So, it’s not just the liberals.

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