Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It wasn’t until I typed the title of this post that I thought about the interesting and coincidental meaning of it. You see, this evening, we had dinner at a restaurant on Harvard Street in Brookline, Massachusetts called “Lineage”. We went there with Chuck’s newly 87 year old aunt on this, her birthday. Hence, lineage had an extra depth to it!

The restaurant was lovely - spare, with white tablecloths, unusually shaped white plates and bowls, clam shells as salt and pepper dishes - a nice mix of formal and casual. The service was good - my standard of being attentive without being intrusive was met and exceeded. The only problem was when the restaurant suddenly filled up and there was significant delay between ordering dessert and coffee and its arrival at table. The daily menu was fresh, tasty and inventive without being pretentious or self consciously clever. I began with the roasted beet salad with goat cheese, greens and balsamic. It was delicious. Chuck had the cauliflower soup with curry - delicate and also delicious. The birthday gal definitely enjoyed her entree of grilled salmon with beluga lentils. Chuck chose pan seared striped bass with cippolini and tasso ham. While I ordered the ricotta cavatelli with butternut squash, spinach and shaved black truffle. Both dishes were delectable. For dessert, Auntie chose the butterscotch pudding with pecans, Chuck the apple streusel tart and I the pot de creme. Chuck was the clear winner there. The pot de creme was not nearly as complex as I had hoped. I guess years of savoring and cooking with Scharffen Berger chocolate has spoiled my taste buds!

All in all, it was a very nice way to kick off Tante’s “88th year”!


dancingmorganmouse said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday treat. What were the lentils? Little black/dark green ones?

Anonymous said...



Imagine taking Mom to a place like that.


Sue said...

Happy birthday to 'Tante'!!! I mustn't ready your blog before breakfast - you always end up making me hungry! Sounded totally divine!!

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Yes, the lentils were very tiny and dark - maybe black? And she enjoyed them very much.

Hi Gail -
It was very good. I normally dislike beets - to me they usually taste like loam smells! But I've found that roasted beets take on a richer flavor. Actually, I think Mom would like it because it wasn't too frou-frou. And, with the exception of the desserts, the prices were on a par with Legal's and waaay cheaper than Cedar's!

Hi Sue -
I still need to find a way to put a warning up for you on my food related posts! I'm sorry the timing leaves your stomach growling!
- Lee