Thursday, January 21, 2010

Houston, We Have A Problem

Hell, it’s not just Houston. It’s every state in these United States of America and every citizen therein.

Today, the United States Supreme Court totally screwed us - us human citizens that is. I have seen it referred to as “Judicial Activism”. Oh, the unmitigated irony! And judicial activism ain’t even close.

My summary: Corporations, unions, and other organizations can now pour their money into political campaigns - not a trickle from a dripping faucet; a freakin’ fire hose at full pressure.

But I am not a lawyer.
Nor am I a suddenly politically omnipotent corporation.
I’m just a human being.

Read more in multiple posts at SCOTUS Blog.

More still at Jonathan Turley’s blog. (Professor Turley is less upset than I am.)

A summary and editorial in the Washington Post.

President Obama’s statement on this decision.

And the Supreme Court’s 183 page Opinion in PDF - includes majority and minority opinions.

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