Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Have No Clue

As I headed back to the car across the grounds of the Big E on Saturday, the icy wind was whipping. It was in the low twenties F (below zero C) and I was well bundled up. But I’d been walking for more than hour and really wanted to thaw out. The nearer I got to the car, the more direct my route became. I ignored any and all interesting architecture, angles and shadows to cut through a parking lot outside the huge building where a wedding expo was taking place. That’s when I spotted this vehicle.

My first reaction was “Ah Ha! Dunkin’ Donuts = Hot Coffee = Perfect”. But as I got closer, I realized it was a giant cup of ICED Coffee! I immediately felt colder! I know New Englanders are a hearty bunch. And we are known for consuming a greater amount of ice cream, in winter, per capita than anywhere else in the United States. But Iced Coffee was just plain silly! I snapped one last photo and went directly to the car, which I had purposely left in full sun. Ahhh... Perfect!


dancingmorganmouse said...

I used to love the warm car when we lived in a cold climate, and sitting in a warm car, reading the paper while mr brown was outside doing somthing active & lunatic.

Miss Rachel said...

Yeah, iced coffee is a definitely a hot weather only treat for me. Re ice cream: I have read that coffee ice cream is very popular in New England, more than anywhere else. I could actually understand eating ice cream more than drinking iced coffee in cold weather.

Roo said...

That has to be the largest takeaway cup I have seen!

Irene said...

That's one huge cup of iced coffee!

I'd be cold seeing the iced coffee sign, too!

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Yes! It's like a lovely cocoon, all cozy and warm.

Hi Miss Rachel -
Coffee ice cream is very popular here in New England. It's been my personal favorite ever since childhood. And growing up in Rhode Island it was the home of coffee milk and coffee syrup!

Hi Roo -
Yes indeed. Is it a venti-venti-venti to the power of ten???

Hi Irene -
Just the word "Iced" was truly enough to send another chill through me!

- Lee