Saturday, December 19, 2009


The holiday cards are continuing to be delivered to our mailbox by the fine letter carriers of the United States Postal Service. Some days, if a package is also being delivered, we hear the sound of tires on gravel. Then a quick beep-beep of our letter carrier’s car horn as she zips up the driveway to make the hand off in person. Service - you can’t beat it!

Nor can you beat the holiday cards. (I say “holiday” because it begins with Thanksgiving, continues through Chanukah and into Christmas. We even received a New Year’s card once and the occasional Valentine in February. So “holiday” is an accurate term, not a salvo in the mythical “War on Christmas”!) We love opening the cards from family and friends and folks we do business with. It’s fun to be remembered, to hear from people, see how the kids have grown via photo cards and marvel at all the beauty and creativity that goes into the cards. I’ve been making greeting cards for nearly two decades so I love to see a truly beautiful one.

We even enjoy the holiday letters - well, some of them - some of the time! They seem to fall into three categories:
1. Breezy, brief updates on the family; mostly good news but even handed and not self aggrandizing.
2. We did it all, saw it all, bought it all; we’re fabulous and this letter is designed to make you green with envy.
3. Our lives suck pond water, but we shall soldier on.
Only holiday letter #1 should ever be written and mailed. Just one holiday letter recipient’s opinion...

So buy a card or make a card. Sign it, address it, stick a stamp on it and drop it into the mail. The addressee is sure to be tickled pink!


cookiecrumb said...

OMG! We haven't received a single holiday card. And we never send them, so no wonder.
I am sending one to my parents (in lieu of a tangible gift, and no money either). Gotta get that out in the mail tomorrow.

(word verification: dungsmen)

dancingmorganmouse said...

We don't as a rule, send cards, but get them from time to time, which makes me feel guilty for not sending them.
Arrrrggggggg *falls down crashitybang*

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's snowing on your blog, cool!!

And the only snow I am likely to see, THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!


Miss Rachel said...

So funny re: the holiday letters. Love it! I used to work at Kinko's and I can't tell you how many of those I copied for people.

Pink Granite said...

Hi CookeCrumb -
Some of our friends and family go through cycles of sending and not sending cards. But it's something I've always enjoyed doing - whether or not I make them myself.
What a dreadful word verification!
Thanks for stopping by...
- Lee

Hi DMM -
If you are not a sender of cards then dollars to doughnuts the folks sending to you know that. So no guilt, just pleasure. Unless of course it's holiday Letter Style #2 or #3!
- Lee

Hi Gail -
Yay! You can see the snow! Glad you like it.
Boy howdy RI got pounded by the weekend storm! Keep enjoying your lack of shoveling!
- Lee

Hi Miss Rachel -
Oh my! It must have been tempting to read some of them - or not!
- Lee

Sue said...

I haven't sent cards out this year - how sad is that? Next Christmas, when we're settled into our new home, I'll be sending to everyone I know, so look out mailman! Seriously though, I think people have all cut back where they can this year and cards have suffered. I've only received 2 so far! Not that I really have room to complain without sending you can't expect to receive!

Sue x

Anonymous said...

Yes very cool snow...and those postman are wonderful aren't they CC

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
I'm surprised how many people left comments about not sending and not receiving cards.
So exciting about your upcoming move! Hope it all goes smoothly for you and Jake!
- Lee

Hi Carrie -
Glad you like the snow!
Postal workers, especially letter carriers, totally rock!
- Lee